Monday, February 28, 2011

A Pink and Purple Cupcake Party

A Cupcake Party is easily a kid favorite!  I think children (and most adults too) love the hands on experience of decorating their own cupcakes, topping each cupcake with icing, candy, sprinkles, more icing, more candy...well, you get the idea!  This party was a little girl's 7th birthday party, and all 11 girls had the time of their life! 

It doesn't get much girlier than this party.  The house was filled with pink and purple!

I used paper products at the request of the mother, but still wanted to style a "fancy" table setting (at the request of the birthday girl).

The cupcake decorating table, where all the creativity took place!  Each girl loved that they could put their masterpiece on a pedestal while decorating. 

Check out this adorable cupcake pedestal by Jessica of Pen 'n Paperflowers .  Its a perfect touch to a cupcake party and if I had 10 more, I'd probably think if 10 different ways to use it!

This was my first attempt at a cupcake garland.  I loved how it turned out and will probably add it to every
cupcake party I host from now on!  So easy to make and coordinate with the party decor and colors.

The girls kicked things off by decorating their own apron using fabric markers and stickers.

Let the fun begin!

The girls didn't just decorate the edible kind of cupcake.  They also painted their own ceramic cupcake bank to take home. 

Not pictured were the games, Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake and a Candy Taste Test game.  Once everyone was all sugared up on cupcakes and candy, it was time to go.  So much fun was had, its easy to see why this theme is a kid favorite!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Valentine's Day Cupcake Party

What better gift for me to give to my daughters for Valentine's Day then a Valentine's Day Cupcake Party with a few of their favorite friends! This past weekend I hosted my first cupcake decorating party at Sweet Designs Kitchen.  The owner, Susan, took care of the cupcake side of things and I handled the rest!  It was the perfect partnership, and now the newest party package added to my website!  Here are a few pictures of the fun...

These adorable Valentine's Day labels came from Paper Glitter

I turned these 2" circle tags from Moo Moo's & Tutus into water bottle stickers. 

Once they were greeted with the sweet table, it was into the kitchen to start baking.  But before digging in, each girl made her own apron...

Susan of Sweet Designs Kitchen then enthralled the girls with a lesson in cupcake decorating 101 and they were off and running in no time...

After every cupcake was eaten and there wasn't a dab of icing left to squeeze, we ended the party with a Valentine's Day themed game of Bingo, courtesy of The Party Animal. 

Our first cupcake decorating party was a sweet success!  Hope you enjoyed it!  Happy Valentines Day!