Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BOO to you! Halloween Party

This past weekend, my friend Amy hosted a kid friendly Halloween Party.  She made all those hanging decorations by hand...very Martha Stewart!  I thought she did a fabulous job and I think all her hard work and talent deserves some recognition out there in cyber space.  What a SPOOK-tacular party!

Spooky Entrance Way

Kids Table

The crafts

The parents were placed at different locations around the house so the kids could take the pumpkins and trick or treat from station to station.

Yummy cupcakes, love the display stand

Witches Brew

Mummy Game

And of course, we were sent home with lots of fun goodies!


  1. Love Amy's decorating! And the Mummy cute! :D
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. So cute! I love Halloween parties and party decor!