Friday, September 16, 2011

She's a Fashionista!

My daughter recently turned 9 and when asked what theme she wanted for her party this year, she said she wanted something Diva-ish, but with a little more pizzazz than the typical diva party.  Together, we created this Fashionista Party that was a big hit with all the girls!  I got a little help from my friend Paula frog Frog Prince Paperie, and this party couldn't have come together more perfectly!  From the red carpet runway show, to designing their own shirts, the girls all had a blast as they became little Fashionista's for a day!

I went straight to Genevieve from Celebration Today - The Superchick Way! for these fabulous Kandy Kones.  After giving her a few details about the colors and theme, I knew she'd come up with something super cute that fit my daughter to a T!  Don't you just love the added sparkle she gave them?!

All the printables you see were created by the mega talented Paula of Frog Prince Paperie.  I worked with Paula on this sun shiny Beach Baby 1st Birthday Photo Shoot seen here.  Her work is beautiful, and once again, she she came up with the perfect design for this party! 

I had the girls collect baskets of bling, makeup, and hair and nail accessories as they came in and they got to work making up each other.  Once they were primped and ready, they hit the runway...

Other activities at the party were bottle cap necklace making, and t shirt design!  Some of the girls went a little heavy with the fabric paint, but they were so creative with everything, I was seriously impressed!

There was so much more going on in this party I wasn't able to capture, but my friend Eric from Cake Time Video put together this awesome music video the girls were able to watch while they ate the yummy birthday cake from Sweet Designs Kitchen.  Check out all the party action here (music personally selected by the birthday girl ;)

Thanks for looking!!


  1. I chose this color scheme for my daughter's upcoming birthday. She wants to do a fashionesta party but since she will be 10, she wants it a bit more grown up. Looking at these's like you climbed inside my brain. Great job...I love it.

    1. Hi Kimmi,

      Thanks for stopping by! My daughter came up with this theme and I now offer it in my client package parties. Its perfect for the older girl who wants something more grown up. Good luck with your daughter's party. I love that I can offer any kind of inspiration for your own party!!