Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Trashy Party

Two posts in two days?!  Somebody stop me!  But this is a party I've wanted to share for a few weeks and I'm finally getting around to posting it. Check out this Garbage Truck Birthday Party, the perfect theme for a little boy turning 3.  The mother did a fabulous job combining Garbage Trucks with Oscar the Grouch with Recycling! 

These creative banners were made from newspaper and magazines that are probably sitting in your recycle bins too!

Baking doesn't get much easier than this! This cake was so simple yet so creative!  Crumpled up chocolate cake with a chocolate graham cracker path through the middle.  The fondant trucks were bought on etsy.

Think the cake would be hard to serve?  Not at all when you serve it in a trashcan and mix it with chocolate syrup! (Is that even legal?!)  YUMMY!!

The kids were fascinated by the garbage truck they got to see in action!  They each even got to put a piece of cardboard in the dumpster and watch the truck pick it up and load it overhead!  Everyone cheered!

When all the kids were tuckered out...(LOVE the sticker!)

Everyone collected their trash and hit the road! 


  1. Oh, what a fabulous concept for a children's party! Great details (love that landfill cake and those fondant trucks and trash bin favors) and educational to boot! Triple kudos to Mom!

  2. OMG..I love this party..how cute are those trash cans...LOL!

  3. Where did you fine these cute garbage cans?

  4. How did you get a garbage truck to come for the party? I'm thinking about arranging this too but I didn't know if companies did that!