Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunny Hoppin'

It's been a while since I updated but life is just flying by a hundred miles an hour these days and I'm struggling to keep up.  Its all fun though and I wouldn't change a thing!  Easter is just around the corner and I have really enjoyed seeing all the spring DIY projects and decor out there this season.  I will miss it!  I wanted to share a couple fun little projects I did this week. 
First is the cutest little bunny banner I made for my table at the spring festival this past weekend.  I used a template I found on Made for their PEEP Bunny Bunting.  I added my own twist...I used cardstock as opposed to the felt (mainly because its all I had in the house!).  Check this out...
I was so happy with how this too cute bunny banner turned out!

Next up was this fun DIY activity for the kids!  I found this Easter Bunny Bottle on Happy Clippings.  Too cute, right?  Again I used what was laying around my house, only this time, I wish I had made the trip to Target to get the pastel colored jellybeans used in their tutorial instead. The faces look just a bit to dark using original color jellybeans.  But the kids loved it, and it kept them busy for 30 minutes (which is a HUGE accomplishment in my house) and they never noticed the difference in the color of the jellybeans.
I'm not done yet.  Stop by next week for Easter Cupcakes.  I'm thinking there are some cute carrot top cupcakes I'd like to try this weekend!  Happy Easter!

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