Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Crunch Party Mix

Pinterest can be dangerous.  I think I have a wish list of 50 DIY projects and about 100 snacks I'd like to try and that's just in the Christmas season. Unfortunately, I probably only have time to make about 2 or 3 and then it seems like the holidays are over as fast as they came.  This was one of the 50 snacks (originally posted by Cooking Classy) and I'm so glad I chose this one!  You will be making this mix for every holiday party you attend in the next week.  Its so easy!

I started with a couple of bags of Orville microwave white popcorn.  

You'll also need some M&M's (I chose the mint kind, which I highly recommend!), white
baking chocolate, and Christmas sprinkles.  Not pictured are the mini pretzels...sorry!

 I had two little elves break apart and measure out the cup of pretzels and 
M&M's while I melted the chocolate.

The same two little elves were also put in charge of mixing it together in
a large bowl.

I drizzled the mixture with a bag of melted Wiltons Candy Melts.

I realized it was easier to layout the mixture on a cookie sheet and drizzle with
the white chocolate, then the elves returned to top the mix with the sprinkles.  

Voila!  So good!!  Its one of those snacks that once you start eating, you can't get enough of.   Its so easy too!   I hope you get to enjoy some through the holiday season!

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