Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Family Friendly New Years! (3 Months Late!)

I'm back...with my second blog posting in 24 hours.  (I'm really trying here folks!)  So, I'm still trying to stay in order of events, so I wanted to share our Family Friendly New Year's Eve Party with you.  I'm all about staying in with my kids on one of the biggest party nights of the year.  I know...kinda boring, but safer and easier that way.  But I still wanted to make it fun for them.  So this is what we did...

I kicked off the night with what has become a New Years Eve tradition.  Our photo collage!  They are not big fans of this part, but it makes for great memories so I love it, and will continue to do it.  I'm sure it will get even harder to get them to do this as they get older.  But here is the result!  Absolutely love it!!

My 2 Cuties

Now with the pictures out of the way, bring on the fun!!  I created goodie bags for them to open each hour throughout the night, in hopes to keep them up until midnight.  It was so fun and easy!  Using brown paper bags and construction paper, I made goodie bags and drew the time on each bag.  They were pre filled with treats I found at the Dollar Store and Target, such as candy, cozy socks, and the hit of the whole night...SILLY STRING!

There were no sparklers, no fireworks, but there was SILLY STRING, for the best SILLY STRING FIGHT EVER!!

There were clear winners and losers...

It was a great New Years, and while a few of us struggled to stay up until Midnight, we did it!  And 3 months later, my girls are still talking about our New Years Eve party!!

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